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VTraining: the new era of medical training is already here!

VTraining manages methodology, learning, audio and video for teaching in health.


About VTraining:

Active teaching methods are increasingly inserted in the context of Health Teaching. One of these methods is the Realistic Simulation, which allows the real experience of the confrontations that professionals will encounter in everyday life, in a controlled and planned environment, resulting in better prepared professionals and greater safety for real patients.

VTraining was created to facilitate the application of active methods from various functionalities aimed at generating an optimized experience for both facilitators and students.


Capture, stream and record synchronized, high-quality video and audio


Recording in customer storage for greater information security


Transmission to anywhere (both on the customer's internal network and via the internet)


Lifetime Licensed Software

VTraining: uma solução voltada para a simulação realística

VTraining: uma solução voltada para a simulação realística

Play Video

Organization and management of the center structure

or simulation lab

VTraining makes it possible to manage the method in the most diverse laboratory environments, serving low-tech, high-tech, OSCES, debriefing and skills rooms, in addition to enabling the connection between other health equipment, such as parametric monitors, ultrasound, endoscopes and others, enabling behavioral, technical and mixed scenarios. 

Option to supply and install audio-video infrastructure and computing resources
Installation of VTraining in collaboration with the customer's IT infrastructure sector

Lisa Driver, MI

Technical assistance within 12 months of software installation and extended support and maintenance contract option
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