Mobile Care

MobileCare is a service for remote patient monitoring targeting chronic diseases (like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac, among others). It enables the uninterrupted attendance as every patient measurement is transmitted to the health center, thus alerting the medical team in case the patient needs any special attention.

This results in decreasing the number of hospitalizations and visits to the emergency units, i.e., it results in cost reduction and better quality of life for the patients.

Mobile Care was laureate at the Social Systems Award as the best mobile solution by the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth – ISFTEH (Japan, 2013).

MobileCare and medical devices

At home, patients use a smartphone or tablet connected to wireless medical devices to perform the monitoring according to a personalized profile and prescription.

Every measurement is automatically sent to the healthcare monitoring center.

The patient can see his clinical evolution graphs and watch recommended educational videos.

At the monitoring center, patient profiles can be configured using a vast number of severity scales and alerts.

When a measurement is received and it is out of the normal threshold, an alert can be sent to, e.g., the healthcare team.

With such information, the health professional follows a procedure that could include video conferencing with the patient, family or even contact his personal doctor.

Health care center dashboard