Solution that allows the printing of medical images in plain paper, directly from any DICOM medical device (without the need of a PACS intervention).
It is aimed to the medical images market, such as magnetic resonances, ultrasounds, X-Rays, tomography exams and others. It enables to use low-cost paper printings instead of highly-cost film ones.


Better print quality

Since the images are sent in DICOM format, directly from the medical device, the high quality of printed images is kept. Besides that, all visual features of the medical device can be supported, resulting in the printing of a reliable image.

Greater efficiency

Sending the print directly from the medical device results in a huge gain of the productivity. The setup is simple, without needing any additional drivers installation on the medical device, centralizing the printers management.


Both the customer personal informations and the clinic logo can be included in the printings.